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A dive into the latest content trends for online creators. Taking a look so that you don’t have to. Discover the latest food trends and find inspiration for your content. 

As a creator, you often know what your audience likes to see. However, being aware of exciting new food trends as they are becoming popular can be a great source of inspiration for recipes and content ideas.

In this post, we will be sharing the top food trends of 2020 as well as making some predictions for the next few weeks of 2021.


The big trends this year – the food trends of 2020

Over the last year we have seen a number of recipes boom in popularity. You may already be familiar with some of these, such as dalgona coffee, sourdough bread and airfryer recipes.

Below you can see the huge spike in searches for both dalgona coffee and sourdough. These were two of the biggest food trends of 2020.

beloudr - sourdough and dalgona coffee

Content creators who shared posts of these recipes were likely to benefit from the boom in popularity around them. Identifying these food trends early and acting on them is a great way for more people to find your work.

The picture below was posted by @hummingbirdhigh on March 31 at the peak of the dalgona craze. With 8000 likes and 706 comments, it has between 2-4 times more engagements than other images posted during the same period.

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A post shared by Michelle Lopez (@hummingbirdhigh)

The same applies to sourdough bread which saw a massive rise in popularity as people learned to bake during lockdown.

@theclevercarrot‘s post below performed very well with over double the number of likes compared to previous photos. Her caption also provided a solution to the problem of baking bread without yeast (the yeast shortage was partly to explain for the interest in sourdough).

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A post shared by Emilie Raffa (@theclevercarrot)

Finally, airfryers also saw a big boost over 2020, first during lockdown and then in the lead up to Christmas. Airfryers also require specific recipes, especially as people learn how to use their new device. It is, therefore, no surprise to see an interest in airfryer recipes.

Below is an example from @christycooks_ who produced this video currently with 46k views. This is a much higher average view count than her other content. It shows that there is interest in high-quality content relating to popular searches.

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A post shared by Christy Nguyen (@christycooks_)

It’s worth noting that there is a sustained interest in airfyers over the last few years so we can predict a continued rise in popularity in airfryer recipes.

beloudr - air fryer


Food trends you can act on now

Dalgona coffee and sourdough bread have been some of the big food trends of 2020. So what can we learn from them to make predictions of what could be trending for content creators in the week or two ahead of 2021.

Since we are leaving Christmas behind us there has been a big increase in recipes that are making use of Christmas meal leftovers. Including leftover turkey curry and turkey pies. These saw a 1000% increase in searches since the 26th of December. This is a great food trend to explore in your recipe creation after the Christmas period.

@stripedspatula offers a great example of how a recipe creator can take advantage of this surge in interest. Stripedspatula shared this fantastic leftover turkey recipe after Christmas and Thanskgiving. On both occasions, this image received between 2 to 4 times more likes and engagement than pictures posted within the same time period.

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A post shared by Food Writer · Amanda Biddle (@stripedspatula)

Another big food trend we have noticed over the last month, and the data really backs this up, is with Charcuterie boards. Charcuterie boards are an arrangement of cured meats, cheeses, and finger foods. These look great in pictures and make for highly sharable content.

Some great examples of this include @the_perksofbeingus who shared a board around Christmas. Despite this account making high-quality content they were not getting lots of recognition. By jumping on a trending recipe, this post has already received a much higher average number of likes.

The trend is also highlighted by the talented recipe creator @plate_and_pen also recently shared a great charcuterie board which received a higher number of likes than their average post. Again proving the value of looking at current food trends to inspire your content.

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A post shared by Ashley Dee (@plate_and_pen)


Soup recipes are trending right now

To help combat the cold months of the year many people are turning to soup recipes. Some popular trending examples include using leftover turkey and ham. For example, turkey noodle soup, ham and bean soup, and bean soup. These trends typically peak in the week or two after Christmas so there is still time to share your recipe.

beloudr - soup

If you are looking for other soup inspiration that could outlast the Christmas period then there has also been rising interest in soup recipes overall. Over the past two years, there is a clear trend of people searching for soup recipes across January making this the perfect time to share your favourite recipe.

Some ideas for trending soup recipes include chicken gnocchi soup and pea-based soup recipes.


Pizza dough

Another interesting food trend we found this week is an interest in pizza dough recipes. So why not try sharing a recipe or video of how to make pizza dough.

The data also shows that interest in making pizza dough peaks over the weekend, suggesting it is something people are willing to try out when they have more time on their hands.

We would therefore recommend posting your pizza dough recipe on Friday or Saturday morning to make the most of this interest.

beloudr - pizza dough

Cookie craze

Gideons cookies have also seen a big uptick in popularity. People have been searching for the chocolate drop covered cookies from Gideons Bakehouse, making this week a great opportunity to share a cookie recipe.

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A post shared by Faye’s POV | Orlando Foodie (@fayespov)

We would suggest taking advantage of this interest to share a homemade version.

beloudr - gideons cookies

Gideons Bakehouse which produces these amazing chocolatey cookies has seen a huge increase in followers over the last 30 days gaining 6,600 followers, three times the growth of the previous two months.

When are people searching for recipes?

One of the first things that quickly jumped out to us was a clear trend in searches across time of day for recipes. People appear to search for recipes during the afternoon, most likely in preparations for dinner.

You may want to post your content from around 4-8PM in order to optimise for people who are looking for recipes.

The graph below is from over the Christmas period so you see an unusual rise over Christmas eve and Christmas day. However, the trend in the highest volume of searches in the afternoon can be seen across other days.

beloudr - recipe


Stay tuned for more content trends

Have you found these food trends useful? Why not try some out some of the recipes for yourself and let us know how it goes.

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