It has never been more difficult to gain visibility and recognition for your work, especially with the rapid growth in online content. In search for relevant and bigger audiences, many people turn to paying for extra reach, buying followers, like-for-likes, share-for-shares, reaching out to people without a response, and other unpredictable methods. It is easy to become burnt by this never ending hunt to reach new audiences. 

beloudr is a space where anyone who shares their work online can meet others on a similar journey and work together to grow their respective audiences. This is achieved through a community of like-minded and committed members, everyone on beloudr is here to help each other succeed. 

Members shoutout work they and their audience will enjoy on their platforms. But what exactly is a shoutout? It’s simple, a shoutout is sharing the original content with thoughts on why you like it. This ‘pay-it-forward’ approach allows members to mutually reach wider audiences and grow more quickly.

A shoutout is sharing original content with thoughts on why you like it

Who can be shouted out?

The simple answer is that anyone can. If you share your work online it can be shouted out by members on beloudr. This is true if you’re a small or medium business, an Etsy seller, an online content creator, or more.

It also doesn’t matter what platform you post your work on. Whether it’s Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, Patreon or on your personal website, you can repost the content on beloudr and as long as members find the work engaging and feel that it will resonate with their audience, it can be shouted out. The aim is to mutually promote great work so that it can be more easily discovered.

Shoutout Examples

How to shoutout

There is not one way to shoutout another member. It’s up to you as you know your own audience best, but here are some things to consider:

  • Always credit the member who made the content in a clear and identifiable way – linking to their desired social handle or website.
  • Be authentic and speak in your own voice.
  • Make it personal
  • Be positive – highlight what you like in the other members content
  • Keep the content on your social media or blog for a few days. Don’t take it down just to get the credit

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