Creative Contest: Show How You Have Grown

Beloudr is hosting a creative contest with the chance to win some amazing prizes!

The theme of the contest is “Growth”. Beloudr is here to support you grow your online following, but also to support you grow and improve as a creator. That is why we introduced the discuss and feedback features.

How have you grown as a creator?

To enter the contest, you will need to post a piece of content to beloudr that shows how you have grown and improved as a content creator. This can be any content, including artwork, photography, recipes, YouTube videos, and more.

Some ideas for what you could submit include:

  • Recreating an old piece of content to show how you have improved
  • Trying something out of your comfort zone that you would have never done before
  • A post that symbolises how you have changed creatively

How to enter

Enter by creating a post and adding the tag growthcontest. Make sure to post it to the social media platform or blog of your choosing first (this is so you can receive shares on it in the usual way). The post will then appear on this page.

There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes:

1st prize – $30 Amazon Voucher
2nd prize – $20 Amazon Voucher
3rd prize – $10 Amazon Voucher

The winners will be the posts that receive the most shares.

You can also enter as many times as you want.

Contest close date is Monday 31t May 2021.

Invite your friends to vote for you by sharing

Invite your friends to vote for you by sharing your post! Remember they need to share your work to their social media and post a link on beloudr.

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