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What is beloudr?

beloudr supports creators, brands, small businesses, and anyone with an online presence  gain increased recognition and visibility for their work.

With exponential growth in online content it is increasingly difficulty to gain visibility with your desired audience. So many amazing creators and brands struggle to gain reach.

What is needed is a better way for community members to support one another? beloudr enables members to overcome these challenges through mutual support. Members can “pay it forward” by sharing content they enjoy with their own personal audiences, thus supporting fellow creators reach a wider audience.

So what’s the benefit? The more members support each other the more points they gain.

Points get you:

  • On the global leaderboard
  • On your community leaderboard
  • To a higher level
  • Trust from other members making it more likely for them to promote you

Mutual support through the points system enables members to grow their success, more quickly and together. beloudr also gives members the opportunity to build relationships and friendships with others in similar communities.

How does it work?

Members begin by creating a profile and sharing information about themselves and their work. They can then post work they want others to shout about using the create post function.

Creating a post is simple. All you need is to upload a few key pieces of information:

  • A description of the content you are looking to share
  • Featured image
  • Link to the content

Once you’ve shared the post, other members will be able to say what they like about your work and if it resonates with their audience, they can choose to “shout it out”.

By shouting out, members share your work with their own audiences, mentioning what exactly they like about it. This give you access to a new relevant and engaged audience that may also be interested in your work.

Shouting Out also gains the user points on beloudr. Points get you:

  • On the global leaderboard
  • On your community leaderboard
  • To a higher level
  • Trust from other members making it more likely for them to promote you

What can I share?

Share what you are passionate about! 

You may be a small business with a new product, or a creator making educational or entertaining content, or maybe you just have a hobby that you want to share with others. The specifics don’t matter, all that is needed is that you are doing great work that you want to share with a bigger audience.

beloudr has several communities so that you can share your work with likeminded members and discover content your audience may enjoy.

The key requirement is that shared content must not violate our Community Guidelines.

How does the points system work?

Members can receive points by:

  1. Shouting out fellow members
  2. Using the unique referral link to sign up additional members
    • Unique referral links can be found on the side bar
  3. Members will receive points on sign up

When shouting out, members can choose to do this in any way that most resonates with their work, brand and audience. To gain points, they must provide evidence of the shout out via a link in the comment of the post being shouted out.

How can I report technical issues?

If you are experiencing any technical issues please report them here. We will investigate the issue and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

How can I report violations of community guidelines?

You can report the posts or comments violating community guidelines by using the the flag function next to comments and posts. beloudr takes violations of community guidelines seriously and will investigate reports.

Click here to report members violating Community Guidelines. You can read more about our Community Guidelines below.

What are the Community Guidelines?

beloudr is here to support talented individuals better share their work with the world. It is designed to be a safe space for members to share, garner mutual success, build relationships, engage in communities and have fun. To ensure beloudr continues to be a space where this can be achieved some key guidelines must be followed.

  1. Post only authentic content. Content proven to be infringing on copyright will be taken off the platform
  2. Use the shoutout feature to genuinely support other members. Invalid shoutout links, poor quality shoutouts or spamming comments will be removed and any points gained from this behaviour will be deducted
  3. Use categories and tags appropriately to help members find relevant content
  4. beloudr is a space free from any forms of harassment, bullying or threatening behaviour. If members are seen to be engaging in any of the above they will be removed
  5. beloudr can be a space to talk about important issues such as mental health education and awareness, however do not post content encouraging suicide or self-harm
  6. Do not post sexually explicit content
  7. Do not post content related to illegal activity

Members acting against any of the above community guidelines may be removed.

Points Leaderboard
  1.  Sky 4,630
  2.  Jazzy 3,820
  3.  Misul 3,670
  4.  alchemy 3,400
  5.  Booker141 3,190
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