How beloudr can help you reach new audiences

grow your online presence

beloudr is a community for content creators and small businesses. On beloudr members connect with other creative people, promote their work and build a network of shoutouts that ultimately helps them grow their online presence. Read on to find out how you can promote your content for free and be a part of the community.

Grow your online audience

On beloudr, members come together to promote their own content and support online creators.

If a member finds content that they like, they can share/shout it out on their platforms. This could be a shoutout on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, your blog, YouTube or wherever else you have an audience. Each shoutout allows the original creator to reach a new audience. By working together in this way, beloudr members reach bigger and wider audiences than they could ever do alone.

Members have already seen evidence of increased growth after receiving shoutouts from other online creators on beloudr. Below is a screenshot from Pinterest analytics for a beloudr member who had their work shared.

beloudr - shoutouts can help you grow and reach new audiences
beloudr - shoutouts can help you grow and reach new audiences

Your first post

Once registered, the first thing you will want to do is make your first post.

Posting on beloudr allows members to see your work and start sharing it with others! Below is the create post form where you can submit your content.

To post go to create post, you will need to include some simple information with a link to the original content that you want to promote. The link could be to a blog post, YouTube video, Instagram post, TikTok video, or any other online content you want more people to see.

When creating a post you will also need to select a community that you want to share your post with, examples of this are food and drink, lifestyle, or entertainment.

Now that you have posted your work, other members can engage with it and share it outside of beloudr. Every share/ shoutout means more eyeballs on your work!


Shoutout other members

Once you have posted, take a look at posts from other members. You can find content you like by browsing posts in different communities, on the home page and by using the search function. 

Below is an example of posts in the Food & Drink community.


beloudr - food community
beloudr - build shoutouts from your community

Once you have found a post that you want to shoutout, follow the link to the original content. You can shoutout content you like on your Instagram, Pinterest, in a video, on your blog, or wherever you have an audience that may also enjoy the content. The choice is yours.

beloudr - link to original content for shoutout
beloudr - link to original content for shoutout

When doing a shoutout try to link to the original content or members social profiles and say what you like about it. Check out our guide on making your first shoutout for more information.

To let the member know you shouted them out leave a comment under their post on beloudr and include a link to where you shared their work out so they can check it out. You can also leave some thoughts on what you liked and a picture of the shoutout.

Every shoutout with a valid link will earn you points.

beloudr is also a great place to build relationships and meet other content creators, bloggers, and small businesses. So don’t be shy about leaving a comment introducing yourself or appreciating another members’ work. This can help you establish new connections and even find people to collaborate with.

Below is an example of a shoutout.

beloudr - shoutout members content
beloudr - shoutouts can help you grow and reach new audiences
beloudr - shoutouts can help you grow and reach new audiences

Why Shoutouts are Important

beloudr is here so that online creators can amplify great content that is not getting the visibility it deserves. This is achieved through shoutouts. Shoutouts are really important on beloudr for 2 reasons:

1. Shoutouts help spread the word about great content and supports online creators 

2. Every shoutout earns the member doing the shoutout points. Members with the most points are featured on the beloudr leaderboard and their profiles are showcased on the site. Members with the most points get the most profile and post views and are more likely to get their own work shouted out.

To make your first shoutout and earn your first points, find content from another member that would be interesting or informative to share with your own audience and share it. It’s that simple. There are no rules about how you have to share, just do it on a way that works best for you and your audience.

Grow your Audience and Connect with Talented People

By promoting your work on beloudr and sharing content from other members you can reach bigger and wider audiences.

Discover a community of talented and creative members who are sharing each others content and even make friends along the way. Join the beloudr today!

Ready to build better together?

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