*HERE’S A LITTLE SPOILER WARNING. There are spoilers. I spoil stuff for the film. The film will be spoiled. Couldn’t get around it to make my points. END OF SPOILING WARNING.*

What a great film! Finding something on #netflix can be a pain in the ar5e but I didn’t have to bother with that trawl as my mate recommended it. And now I’m returning the recommending. And that is the circle of recommending life. And actually I liked it enough to do a #film #review which meant watching certain scenes several times, but it’s fine. That is my YouTube channel burden.

What was interesting to me about this film was the portrayal of the servant class of people in India, and my own experiences with it. And then when you do a little search of this stuff on India you can see a wider picture. I have a clip of a documentary on some of this people.

I didn’t read the book but if you have comparison comments do leave your thoughts – I’d be interested to hear as I’ll never read the book as I have too many books to read on how to do good film reviews.

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G Francie
Points: 3130
22 days ago

This sounds like a really good movie. Never heard of it before so I’ll take a look. It was a good review! 🙂

Points: 300
1 month ago

Good video. I liked your review. I think I’d actually heard of the book behind this movie but I haven’t been keeping up with Netflix recently (making use of my crunchy roll subscription instead)!

Points: 300
1 month ago
Reply to  lookalibi

Also I appreciate the comment on Netflix as a “journey we must all trawl through”. Nothing better than half an hour scrolling for something decent to watch.

Points: 2590
2 months ago

I like how this was quite a different video to your others, maybe the first time you haven’t just ripped apart a movie haha? It does look good. I stopped watching when you got into spoiler territory because you convinced me to watch it!

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