There are so many people banging on about EVs like they’re going to solve every issue on the planet. Maybe they’ll solve some, but they’ll create others. I reckon it might be mobile phones all over again, with massive factories in China where people jump out of buildings and resource wars and so on.

I suppose at least the cars go 0-60 in under 3 seconds which is really useful at the traffic lights in a city with loads of traffic in front of you all day.

Yes I think EVs are cool and the tech is very smart and all that, but remember Diesels? How everyone thought they were more green with their big black clouds of pollution? And now they’re being killed off. Of course it’s not exactly the same, but we’ll need the green energy tech to move it’s ar5e or we’ll be stuck with the same thing of Fossil Fuels being used to generate electricity to charge the green cars. Solar right now accounts for only 3% of the world’s energy. Think we’ll need a bit more than that.

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1 month ago

I like how you are covering what is a serious topic but with a funny spin!

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