We all seek redemption for our failures.
The one that got away, the job we didn’t get, the money we lost. Well I imagine that’s what #Indianajones and the Crystal Skull is for #Spielberg and #Ford.

After they’d spent nearly a decade building a franchise that had done really well and was revered by millions, a massive disconnect was created between the third sequel and the films that came before. The story was horrible, the dialogue and acting mediocre, everything that made the first few films fun was gone and in place, a formulaic version of Dr Jones. So I get that they want to make up for that. They want to see it out properly and Harrison is about 80 now so it’s his last chance to amble about with a whip and shirt, chinos and brown leather jacket.
What do we think will happen eh?

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2 months ago

Harrison Ford will always have my respect, but boy does it feel like he phoned in a lot of the movies he has been in over the last decade. Star Wars really suffered from a lot of the stuff you mentioned in this video.
Did you ever do videos for Star Wars? The Mandalorian just finished season 2. Might be cool to talk about.

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