Which social media site do you struggle with the most?

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Maiart Realm
Maiart Realm
1 year ago

I have Pinterest but I don’t find that it’s a place to gain an audience or following. It’s more of a place where you pin (collect) the stuff that interests you in order to gain inspiration or something. I appreciate the shoutouts I get on here from people but it disappoints me when I see that they shared my work on Pinterest, cause I know I won’t get any engagement with my work through that site. No one looks into an artist on there when they find a cool artwork, they just pin it to a board of theirs and move on. I do the same and that’s what Pinterest is all about.

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1 year ago

Twitter. It is so hard to gain followers and as a result you can’t build an audience. I created a few accounts but I have never been able to grow them. I just don’t understand how to do it. Very frustrating!

Maiart Realm
Maiart Realm
1 year ago
Reply to  cyuwrites

I used to have Twitter but I had 57 followers for 3 years straight so I decided to get rid of it. I find Twitter to be like a more serious Tumblr.. where it’s mostly politically driven and not something meant for artists.

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