Which is best, Kofi, Patreon, Buy me a coffee?

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Yuki Nova
Points: 1430
1 year ago

I’m assuming Patreon would be much more useful if you have like a YouTube channel or some work (like a webtoon or other) that you are consistent with and want a place where your followers can support you while also rewarding them with extra sketches or sneak peaks or even more interactions, depending on the tier they choose to support you with. It just has a more professional vibe to it.

But as I’m only new with these whole platforms, I’ve only used Kofi for small icon commissions and I find it was a satisfactory experience so far! The interface also helps since I didn’t find it too confusing.

As for the other two, I haven’t checked them out yet so I can’t tell you for sure!

Pixelation Girl
Points: 830
1 year ago

I have tried Ko-fi and buymeacoffee, not patreon because I can’t keep up with a strict schedule with my work. So Ko-fi for me is the best one. They don’t take a cut, you can have tip jar, memberships, exclusive content, shop and commissions all in one place.

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