Which is best? Esty or Redbubble?

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Tania Shand
Points: 170
1 year ago

Very late, but hopes it helps

Well it depends, do you have the resources to make stickers/prints like a printer or a cricut machine. If you have the tools and feel comfortable in managing your shop yourself then esty would be great. Also esty charges a listing fee.
If you don’t have the funds or the resources to make your own products then you can use redbubble. Redbubble has a large selection of products you can put ur art on. All you have to do is add your art, format it so it fits on the products well. if you make a sale redbubble will make and deliver the product to the customer. They also charge a fee for the product. You can watch a youtube video about that, it’ll explain it better than me.

Patricia Pedroso
Points: 170
11 months ago

Well, they’re mostly used for different stuff so they’re not that comparable. You can also have both with no major problem, I myself have both a Redbubble, Society6 & Etsy shop.
So, for starters sites like Redbubble & Society6 are print on demand shops, which means that you upload a product and they prepare it & send it for you, giving you a small percentage, so after you upload you don’t have to do anything else. When you’re starting out this is pretty good, especially because you don’t have to invest anything except time. However, as you grow you’ll see the percentage they give you is pretty small and most people don’t sell that much, it’s usually not a source of income that will let you live of it, but more like an extra source of cash.
For sites like this, you’ll gonna have to know how to edit and prepare your art digitally for uploads, as they require certain sizes & such. It’s free to join as they basically make most of the money from your art being there.

For Etsy, well, you’ll have to do everything yourself. (preparing products, upload them & send them) It’s completely up to you what you sell, so more freedom: digital products, prints, originals, stickers,… You can of course take preorders and stuff like that but mostly you will have to have a few prints & products made to start out. But honestly, I started printing just a few copies of pieces in local printing shops and invested a bit more as I went. It takes time, but a lot of Etsy shop owners live from it, so it’s a more reliable source of income in the sense that you make more profit from the products and especially if you promote them and have a bit of a following.
The investment in an Etsy shop initially it’s very inexpensive, 0,20€/$ per product (to be up for 4 months) + some taxes when you sell.

I know it’s a bit late but I hope it helps! If you have any other question let me know 😊

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