What’s the best strategy for growing my account on Instagram?

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G Francie
Points: 5625
6 months ago

Instagram seems to be about the “curated” and perfect feed. It isn’t a rule you have to live by but I’d focus on making good content and posting as regularly as you can. I know I struggle to draw, so I am always going to find it difficult to post really frequently which is why I don’t really use Instagram.
The people I see who are successful always have beautiful feeds and they are posting maybe 3 time a week, sometimes even more! That is a lot of hours a day making content! Super impressive!

Points: 3640
7 months ago

One piece of advice I could give you, and it might not be a direct answer to your question, is make sure you aren’t just on Instagram.

Sure Instagram is important, it is the biggest social media platform but if you are an artist it isn’t the only place. Make sure to see what artists on Twitter, Reddit, and Art Station are up to. You could always post on all of the platforms and see one works best for you. Or just post linking to your Instagram page helping more people find it.

In summary, I’d say, try out other social platforms. It means you aren’t just tied into Instagram and you can always use them to promote your Instagram page if that is your focus 🙂

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