What sort of content should I post to grow on Twitter?

I see a lot of advice for how to grow on other platforms like Instagram, but people don’t often share any information on how do grow your followers on Twitter. What sort of content should I post? What works well?

My account is quite new and I have grown a little since I started but I would like to know any tips or advice that has helped you.

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Points: 2410
1 month ago

I use Twitter too and struggle with this question.
I think Twitter is unique. You can post anything but not everything will do well, in fact most of your content will get about 0 likes or Retweets. I think keep experimenting and then hopefully you can figure out what works best for you.
Try engaging heavily in the community though. It is probably the best thing to start off with!

Points: 3970
1 month ago

If I am thinking about what I see doing well on Twitter it is mostly for information or ‘hot takes’. Out of all the social platforms, opinions do pretty well on Twitter since it is so text based. So if you have an opinion on your subject area don’t be afraid to voice it.

Dani Fitness
Points: 1690
1 month ago

I’d love to know the answer to this as well. I have a twitter account I’ve never done anything with, it is just lying there because I don’t know how to get any followers haha.

Instagram and other platforms, it is much easier to start getting your first followers but on Twitter it can feel a little frustrating.

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