What should I add to my Instagram bio?

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Pixelation Girl
Points: 650
4 months ago

I agree with Jazzy, it should be the more you can fit in the short amount of character they allow and to the point:

-Introduce yourself and what you do (I include here where I’m from)
-maybe announce your commissions status (open, close), shop or whatever is working for you.
-links and contact

Don’t put stuff like, “Here I post my ugly drawings” or anything like that I’ve seen some people do because is super unprofessional and misleading.

Also the most we can know the better, super short bios don’t help either. Like when it says, name, age, “I draw” are not the best.

Points: 6100
4 months ago

That is a good question and I am not sure I do a great job myself, but thinking through it
– a quick friendly introduction to yourself
– any links to your website
– location (if relevant)

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