What is the best photo editing software or app?

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Piece of kale
Points: 770
4 months ago

For me Adobe Lightroom mobile is the best. So happy they gave this free version, for me it was the biggest change and improvement. LR for desktop is not free, I think 10 $ per month, but the mobile version has in my opinion all the features you need for free and if you want to pay for more than it is only 1,2 $ per month.

Dani Fitness
Points: 1690
4 months ago
Reply to  Piece of kale

This is just what I was looking for as well! Thanks for the tip.

Points: 4750
4 months ago

I have seen a lot of people mention Snapseed or VSCO but I’ve found Adobe Lightroom to be the best.

They offer a free version with some limited functionality (there is also a pro version too). However, the free version offers almost everything you’d want.

The app is great, it has all the basic editing tools in there plus they include some powerful touch up and brush tools.

Adobe is pretty much a leader in photo/design software so it certainly worth trying out their free Lightroom app.

Anxx 13
Points: 410
4 months ago
Reply to  Eatin Green

For me it works perfectly well even i use free version also to mention with Lightroom you can edit your photos with Presets,easy to use app. Recommended 😊

Points: 3510
3 months ago

I used GIMP a lot back in the day but this feels a little old school now. I’d say anything Adobe is great. Go for their mobile Lightroom. It is free and pretty solid.

If you don’t want anything as heavy there are lots of free ones available these days. It has honestly become easier and easier to find free apps with basic editing tools.

Here is a list I would recommend:
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

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