What is better for drawing digital art, an iPad or tablet?

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Juliette Bérubé
Points: 5390
3 months ago

I had this question too a while ago. For two years I have drawn on my computer with a Wacom Intuos, the smaller model. It’s a really good tool there’s no doubt about it. The hand-eye coordination is not too bad you get used to it for sure. The only thing I was lacking was a screen and I looked at a lot of models. For a Wacom with a screen, you always need to be with your computer since it acts as a monitor. It can be expensive depending on the model you want. I decided to buy an iPad since I can draw on it without my computer and I absolutely love it! I draw a lot more than I used to just because it is more convenient. I can bring it anywhere and that’s definitely a pro for me. For sure, it depends on the feel you want and on your budget. If it’s your first tablet and you’re not sure I’d say maybe go for a Wacom Intuos the smallest one and see how it goes from there. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate! 🙂

Mercury Iced
Points: 430
3 months ago

I think drawing tablets are great for doing your art at home, and you have more access to top notch drawing software! But ipads are also great for on the go drawing, you can bring your ipad anywhere! They both have their pros and cons. But you should pick the one which is more convenient and comfortable for you 🙂

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