What are the hardest things about starting a blog

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6 months ago

create the content of the blog itself, how to make viewers feel interested in reading/exploring the blog.

” I think that’s the hardest part.”

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11 months ago

I think the costs are a huge thing, and like @eatingreen mentioned, you would need content. It requires more effort than people think. 😉

I really started one and am really enjoying the journey though.

Eatin Green
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1 year ago

Context: I know a few bloggers but I don’t have one myself.

The main thing I hear from them is the amount of time it takes to run a blog. If you are posting frequently that means a lot of context every few days or weeks. I guess it depends on what you are planning to post. I would certainly focus on making sure you are able to keep up with the demand in a long-term way. Unlike an Instagram the upfront cost/time of starting a blog is much higher so make sure you are able to keep it going for a few months before you run out of steam!

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