What are some examples of interesting collaborations you have done?

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Eatin Green
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2 months ago

I’ve tried cross posting, it can be good. So I post on my feed you post on mine type activities. These are good for getting a quick boost in followers (depending on account size).

Finding any way to collab with bigger accounts is always going to be a good win because they have all the followers. There is no way a larger account would want to collab if you post low quality content so make sure you are putting your best stuff out there before reaching out to bigger accounts. Also don’t aim for 10 million follower accounts. Set expectations a bit more realistic than that, maybe aim x5 your size.

As an example in my space, I do recipes. You could copy a larger account’s recipe. This way they may choose to repost your work or shout you out on their story. 🙂

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