SpeedPaints? Screen recording?

Hello folks! I’ve been trying to record my process for artworks and speedpaints to post on my account, but every other programm I’ve tried has either failed me or is talking money to me.

If any of you could share a free screen recording program for windows they’d recommend, that would be very lovely! Thank you in advance!

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2 months ago

I had cloudapp installed on my computer for screen recording. It is a paid app but with the free version you can record you screen (with a time limit but I don’t remember the time)

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2 months ago

I use OBS Studio for all of my recording. If that doesn’t work for you, my next recommendation I guess would be Fraps? Which is as bare bones as it gets if your computer can’t run OBS. Just remember that when you do run OBS (use Studio btw, not Streamlabs, the latter has a lot of bloatware that slows things down) make sure you do your Auto-Config Wizard and fine tune your video settings so you’re not overbearing your PC for no reason with way too high frame rates/bitrates/etc.

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2 months ago

I’m using OBS, don’t know if you already tried that 😅

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