This is the main collaboration thread. Members can use this to let each other know that they are interested in collabrating.

If you are interested in collaborating with other beloudr members then drop your @ in the comments. Plus if you have a specific type of collaboration in mind that you would like to work on then include those details.

Members can then either work out the specifics of the collaboration in the comments or in their DMs.

Ideas for collaboration:
– DTIYS (draw this in your style)
– Character exchange
– Joint art piece

– Recipe exchange
– Making recipes in a theme

– Host a joint competition
– Joint giveaway
– Joint hashtag

– Challenge videos
– Stream together
– Go live together
– Joint videos

– Guest posts

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Points: 540
14 days ago

Hi everyone,
I have recently started my journey in digital art. I love drawing cute characters in a cartoonish style. I ram really grateful for the support of the beloudr community and I really enjoy discovering new artworks and artists everyday. I would definitely be interested in collaborating with one or more artists in creating drawing challenges for the Instagram community or even working on joint artwork. If you would like to check my work you can find me here ➡️ @nam_artjournal

Points: 520
1 month ago

Hey guys! I am a marker artist and really happy to be the part of such a great community! I’m open for any collaborations!
Here is my Instagram @annakokoeva.artist

Silvia Biondi
Points: 170
1 month ago

Hi all! Testing this feature as well and I already love it!
I think it’s a great opportunity to share availabilities and wishes 🙂
I’m also initerested in collaborations: mainly digital art, children’s books-oriented illustrations, but I’m open to new things of course!
@esse.bi__ on IG!

Points: 1200
1 month ago
Reply to  Silvia Biondi

Hey, I also draw digitally and in a children’s book style. If you have any ideas and are looking for someone for a collaboration, I’m at your disposal 🤗

Juliette Bérubé
Points: 2990
1 month ago

Hi! if anyone is interested I would love to collaborate on a joined art piece or something like that! I mainly do digital art. If you want to check out my Instagram it’s @ju_pomme_raisin. Can’t wait to hear from you

Alison Hill
Points: 40
14 days ago

Hi, I’m alison, I would love to collaborate. I have a small baking business and I’m working on a back to basics range helping and sharing recipies to encourage people to try the simplest recipies to boost their confidence in baking

Points: 200
15 days ago

Hey everybody! 🙂 My name is Bianca and I would love to collab with one of you guys. I’m a digital artist and I’m interested in vector artwork and logo design as well as spiritual and unique related styles. But I’m also open to try out new things and new art styles as well! You can find me on IG @biba___art and on Pinterest @bibaartdesign. Check it out and reach out if you are interested! Much love ❤️

Art By Ro (Roisin)
Points: 30
15 days ago

Hey guys!!!!! My name is Roisin, I’m an artist, at the moment mainly digital art! If anyone is up for a Collab or a Collab giveaway type thing I would love that!!!!💕💕

Points: 320
1 month ago

Hi! my instagram @cake_files_ and my blog are mainly concerned with creating plant based recipes inspired by french pastry classics (but not only!). I have just had my first collaboration and it was so fun, so I am open to collaborations or other cool ideas 🙂

Points: 10
1 month ago

Hey my Instagram is Livalbertsonfit and I have a YouTube channel with my sister – Laura and Liv – will be happy to collab on either insta or YouTube

Points: 2170
1 month ago

Hi! I’m testing out this feature here on beloudr! 💗 Such a lovely initiative! I love to do collaborations or other fun ideas! ☺️💕

Points: 100
1 day ago

Hi everyone!!!
I am very happy to have found this beautiful community, and created feedback with other artists!!
Unfortunately I always deleting my drawing from instagram, but I have left my favorites and i wish you like it!

Points: 60
14 days ago

Hi guys,

I’m Juliet, a youtuber/content creator and it would really be great to do a collaboration with other content creators.

So, if you are looking and open to this either on YouTube or Instagram, please feel free to reach out and we can work something out. I’m always excited at the idea and opportunity to work with new people..

I’m on Instagram as julsnabe and Julsnabe_

Jennifer Oyubu
Points: 230
18 days ago

Hey guys, My name is Jennifer Oyubu and I am a youtuber/content creator and it would be awesome to collaborate with some amazing content creators. If anyone is doing joint competitions, joint giveaways ,challenge videos, streaming videos, going live videos and general joint videos on YouTube or Instagram then please @me let’s work something out. I am always available for new collaborate and fresh ideas🤗💕

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