If you had to choose just one social media platform which would it be?

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Hakseng Art
Points: 6280
8 months ago

If you had asked me a year and a half ago I’d say Instagram but these days it has to be TikTok. IG has become toxic, pushing its shopping page, removing likes, and you can get banned or limited so randomly. It is the rubix cube of social media and not in a fun way hah

Points: 3630
9 months ago

I think every platform offers something. I use Pinterest a lot for inspo, I find it a lot easier to find things than say Instagram.
For Instagram and Twitter, I just use it to follow people I like and friends. I’ve never really used these to share any of my work.
I’d struggle to pick one because I would always be loosing something by doing so! Upps, bad response 🙂

Points: 6100
9 months ago

Ha I guess it depends. I only post on Instagram right now but I am really enjoying TikTok (I just haven’t posted anything there). If I had to choose between them I’d probably go for TikTok 🙂 It is just more enjoyable.

Juliette Bérubé
Points: 5520
9 months ago

I love your question, I am also curious about that subject! Personally, I would choose Instagram because it is the place I prefer to watch content. I also communicate a lot with my friends using Instagram and it simply is my favourite platform!

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