How often should I post to Instagram? (Feed, Reels and Story)

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L.C. Stein
Points: 30
2 months ago

I’ve found posting 3-4 times a week helped a lot. It’s about all I can manage. I used to post once a week for months and that didn’t seem to help. I try to have “back-up” content for weeks where I don’t have a lot of new content creation (reposts, art buffers, etc.)

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2 months ago

Personally I’d set a goal to post a few times a week at minimum. Whenever I don’t post I find there there is a drop off in engagement/reach/likes.
It feels like you can build momentum with Insta. If you are posting more regularly it will help more people recognise and see your work.
I’ve seen some suggestions about posting 4-7 times a week and more if you run a business. I don’t know what the ‘right’ number is but just try to stay consistent 🙂

Points: 5230
2 months ago

It’s a great question! My advice is always to focus on quality over quantity. I see a lot of people worried that they don’t post enough, and yeah, if you only post once a week it will hurt your growth.
You have to love and enjoy what you do 🙂

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