How many times should I post on Instagram?

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11 months ago

Posting frequently helps but I am not sure hw much. I prefer sharing other artists post to get more exposure and joining trends eg. artvsartists, top 9 posts etc and draw it in your style (DTYIS)

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1 year ago

hello Dlian Luquez how are you your maybe good or something but one thing bub your a cool guy and i love you pfp there bub 🙂

Dilan Luquez
Points: 330
1 year ago

It all depends on the type of drawing you dedicate yourself to
I would recommend spending 1 week uploading posts every day, using different hashtags and hours to post, why? You have to evaluate how it works best for you

You can post: sketches, work in progress, finished artworks, and you can try make reels too!

tell your audience what you liked about each drawing you post, interact with them, do not publish and leave the app instantly

Then you can post one day yes and one day no! take you time to post

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