How do you start a blog and is it even worth it?

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1 year ago

I have spent some time looking at blogging lately as I am also interested in starting a blog. Here are some things I would advise if you are looking to start up your own blog.

1. Chose one of the main blogging platforms – this could be WordPress, Wix, Squarespace – all of these platforms make it far easier to start blogging
2. Pick a domain name. This is actually really difficult as many of the good ones are gone.
3. Pick a design and look for your website.
4. Decide on the focus – you should try to make sure that you are giving your readers a consistent focus.

Is it worth it though?
Yes, blogs can be worth it but it does that a lot to get started. Plus driving traffic will take a lot of time and effort if you don’t already have a big audience.

I would see starting a blog as a long term investment (assuming you are looking to monetise it etc). It will probably take half a year before it really starts to pay off

If you are just looking to do it for fun then give it a go and see how it goes 🙂

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1 year ago
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Really interesting thoughts!

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