How do you schedule your posts?

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Patricia Pedroso
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2 months ago

I’ve used a couple over time and the one I’ve stuck to the most is Planoly. Mainly because you can use it for free and upload a maximum of 30 images a month. – Planoly can be used for free for insta, but I think for Pinterest you have to pay. I like it specially because it makes really easy to upload from your phone with the app or computer and access the files in both. Avoids a lot of trouble!
I use Tailwind too for Pinterest (it also works for Instagram, but it didn’t work unless you paid) – however, you can still schedule the pins in bulk there for free and just log in every day and post them in a couple of minutes, which is really useful if you have a blog or business where you need to post a lot of pins every day.
But I must say that I think they’ve changed their plains on Tailwind and now it works for free for a limited number of images, but I’d have to look better into it to be able to say for sure.

If you start to use any and have any doubts you can ask me, I don’t mind helping out!

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2 months ago

I am not an Instagram expert because I don’t really use the platform (I am more on Pinterest) but there are a bunch of scheduling tools you could use, everything from Later, Buffer, Tailwind etc.
I have used them now and again. Sometimes I prefer to post when I have something ready to post, but if I have a backlog then you want to spread it out and plan what you post.

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