How do you get more commissions?

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Hakseng Art
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3 months ago

I cannot offer a load of advice here because I am not really getting any myself but here I go anyway 😀

I have also asked myself, how do I get more commissions? The answer feels like, go where people who are looking for artwork might be.

If you are getting commissions do you have any idea who those people are? Artists? Non-artists?

I know there are some artists who will support each other from time to time, but I guess we need to really be reaching out to the public aka non-artists.

This is why I am more sceptical of Kofi as a good way to generate commissions because someone will only find your Kofi if they follow you on social and it you have to be kinda big to make that one work well. At least with something like Fiverr you are in a marketplace so it is a good way to get connected with people looking to buy.

There might be another question in here somewhere like, how do I get more commissions from Fiverr?!?

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