How can you beat the Instagram algorithm?

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2 months ago

I guess your question is really about growing on Instagram and the best way to get engagement?

Saves and shares are a great way to bump your posts. If you can get people who see your work to save it I believe this is a good signal for the Instagram algorithm. The same goes for shares, it shows people really like the post, but it also means that another person (or potentially many more people) are seeing your work.

You can encourage people to save and share your post in the caption. Try to give them a reason to save it (maybe to help support you or provide them with useful information they’d want to come back to).

Eatin Green
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2 months ago

I know it can be frustrating try to grow on Instagram but there is no need to try and beat the algorithm 😀
You definitely want to avoid certain methods that promise they can, such as buying followers and likes, or using techniques like follow for a follow. In some sense these do beat the algorithm but then the algorithm beats you right back haha. You might suddenly have 100 more followers but people stop seeing your posts, your engagement drops and it kills your account! So avoid things like that! I’ve seen people have their accounts ruined doing it.

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2 months ago

There isn’t a way to “beat” the algorithm. You want to focus on just posting good content. Not every post will do well and that is okay. As long as you enjoy what you are doing then don’t worry too much. 🙂

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