Does anyone *actually* use Facebook to post their content?

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21 days ago

I agree with @maiartrealm . Organic reach in Facebook seems to be quite bad. They only way to be sure that your posts appear on people’s feeds is to pay for it.

Maiart Realm
Points: 130
23 days ago

I have 250-300 followers on Facebook but not a single one gives me feedback or likes/shares my stuff. I even tried contacting them but none of them even looked at the message so it seems like things are dead with Facebook and I have no doubt that the same will eventually happen with Instagram since they are now owned by Facebook. They always expect you to pay just to get your stuff seen by the people that want to see your stuff in the first place. It’s ridiculous. Before art spoke for itself, now you have to jump through a million hoops just to get your stuff seen.

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