Do Instagram carousels help boost your reach?

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2 months ago

I was really curious when I saw this question! I’ve heard so many different things about this, so I did a quick Google.

I found this interesting blog post saying the answer is that, yes, they tend to do better. “A study of over 22 million Instagram posts finds carousels are the most engaging type of post”

It provides a bunch of suggestions based on data they collected. It has some really weird things in it like carousels with 4 slides don’t do as well as 2 or 10. A little odd!

Some other interesting things it mentions is that mixed media (photo and video) tend to do better. Just thought that was interesting 🙂

Pixelation Girl
Points: 610
2 months ago

It’s already answered but yes I believe it’s because people spend more time on them swiping than on a single picture posts. Remember all social medias review on which posts you spend the most time, that way they later recommend similar stuff. I believe it has something to do with how the platform itself engages you as well.

L.C. Stein
Points: 30
2 months ago

I’m a webcomic creator and the use of carousels in Instagram is a godsend. I have had to splice any previous comic pages to fit the format, but it has helped considerable since the comics are readable.

Points: 6360
2 months ago
Reply to  L.C. Stein

changing topic. Im also a webcomic creator 😀 where I can find your comic to read?

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