Make Your Youtube Videos More Discoverable in 2021

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Are you looking to grow your YouTube account and boost your YouTube subscribers in 2021? Want to discover how you can monetise your channel? Here are 6 tips to make your youtube videos more discoverable in 2021.

YouTube is one of the best platforms for content creators as it has a clear and established path for generating revenue. This sets YouTube apart from social media apps such as Instagram and has encouraged many creators to start a channel. 

While monetization on YouTube is a great opportunity for content creators, it doesn’t come for free. YouTube requires at least 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers to start earning money from videos. This creates a concrete initial goal for new YouTubers, but reaching this milestone is not always straightforward.

To get those YouTube subscribers and views you will need to make sure your channel is easily discovered on the site as well as bringing in viewers from other platforms.

Here are 6 tips to make your YouTube videos more discoverable in 2021.

1. Create a schedule

Consistency is a tip you will hear a lot when getting serious about your YouTube channel and there’s good reason for this. A consistent schedule is important for:

  • Creating an expectation among your subscribers
  • Ensuring you have a regular stream of content to share

Your schedule should ensure you have the time to film, edit, and prepare high quality videos. A regular schedule for creating and uploading content also allows you to build a good backlog of videos, making you well prepared to upload even when life may get in the way of content creation.

When it comes to your schedule, make sure to share this with your subscribers. Let your subscribers know when they can expect your videos to come out, e.g. every Monday and Thursday. This means when those days come around, your subscribers are looking out for your new video, ultimately leading to an improved view rate in your subscriber base. Getting a high percentage of views within your subscriber base also tells YouTube that people who see your content like what they see, making it more likely to for you video to be recommended further. 

To determine the best upload schedule to set, check your YouTube analytics to understand what upload days and times get most views and work best for your viewers.

A good example of a YouTube channel that has a regular upload schedule is vlogbrothers. Viewers know they can always find John and Hank Green every Tuesday and Friday. The two brothers have kept this schedule going for years.

Establish a regular upload schedule on your Youtube channel to help you grow on YouTube


2. YouTube SEO

YouTube is ultimately a search engine for videos so unsurprisingly one of the things that is going to help with discoverability is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The key to getting YouTube SEO right is to think about what keywords your audience uses to search for a topic that relates to your videos. Once you have a list of relevant keywords, ensure that you place them in the data captured on your video. This includes:

  • Video title
  • Description
  • Tags

Strategic keyword placement will help your discovery within the platform and ultimately help you grow your audience on YouTube.

For keywords you can use tools like Ubersuggest or ahrefs youtube tool they will give you an idea of what keywords are popular for your topic. You will notice certain phrases get searched more often. For example “how to make money from YouTube videos” and its variants ate frequently searched.

When optimising your YouTube keywords make sure to look at what comes up when you search for the topic you make videos around. You can learn from the creators who have already clocked up millions Youtube subscribers.

Your video title should also contain keywords. People are likely to click on content that looks relevant to their search. For example, what are people going to search when looking for a video. Maybe they will search “how to” or “tutorial” etc.

Optimising keywords and their placement is incredibly helpful for YouTube discovery, but you also have to make titles and descriptions engaging to viewers. An engaging title will increase the click rate for your videos.  

In the video description make sure that you include the key message with your main keywords in the opening sentence. For most viewers, the first one or two sentences is probably all they will read. 

YouTube also offers a tagging feature. Tags should also reflect your keyword research. Make sure tags are all highly relevant to your content in the YouTube video you are uploading but also in line with your keyword research.

Finally, once you have optimised the title, description, and tags of your videos, open up your YouTube analytics and look at which searches are driving clicks and impressions. This can help you identify what may or may not be working for you.


3. YouTube thumbnails

Thumbnails are a good way to boost your visibility in search or on the similar videos sidebar. An attractive thumbnail is just as important as strong SEO and essential to grow on YouTube in 2021.

Try the following approach:

  1. Search your niche or topic and see what style of thumbnails popular videos are using
  2. Consider what would make people want to click
  3. Add your own style so it can be recognised as uniquely you and stop you from blending in
  4. Test different thumbnail styles to see what works for your audience
  5. Prepare to adapt your style to see what works best

To create good quality thumbnails try a free design platform like Canva or Snappa.

Again with thumbnails you want to keep an eye on YouTube analytics, check to see which videos are driving traffic, especially when you are testing your thumbnails.

Here are three different styles of thumbnail from artists on YouTube. Experiment to find out what kind of style works for you!

Youtube thumbnails are important to grow on YouTube and gain YouTube subscribers


4. Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaboration is key to grow on YouTube. Other Youtubers in your niche who have an established audience make perfect partners for collaborations. Don’t be too concerned about their YouTube subscriber count. You want to focus on quality collaborations with other YouTubers who appear to have a committed viewers.

Try targeting other YouTubers who are likely to have a similar audience as yours. This will increase the likelihood of getting new YouTube subscribers.

Consider what would work best for your channel and type of content. Cross-over videos and videos with two-parts (one on each channel) are all great examples that we have seen over the years.

If you are reaching out to another YouTuber, make sure that what you are offering in return sounds appealing, especially if that YouTuber isn’t familiar with your work already. Consider building a relationship with them first before diving into the collaboration request.

James Charles is an example of a hugely successful YouTube creator who regularly collaborates with other content creators.

Collaborating with other YouTubers is a great way to grow on YouTube


5. Join a creator community to grow on YouTube

Make sure you take advantage of social media to promote your content. Do not just rely on YouTube. Setup a good Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest presence (depending on what type of content you make).

Sharing on your own social is great, but having your video shared by other creators with their own audiences is even better. beloudr is a creator community where you can promote your creative content for free, including YouTube videos. Members are rewarded for sharing one another’s work, this means that by promoting your work on beloudr you can multiply who it reaches.

A shoutout from another creator with an engaged audience is one of the most powerful ways to grow online. Imagine if someone in your niche shared your latest video with their audience. 

That is hundreds or thousands of potential new people introduced to your channel. This is a great way to grow on YouTube.

beloudr makes that easy by bringing together a community of creators and small businesses who want to collaborate.

Promote your video for free so others can find and share it.

beloudr - promote your content for free

beloudr members will share content on their social channels, letting it reach bigger and wider audiences.

beloudr - members shoutout your work to help it reach new audiences


6. Post videos to social, including Reddit and Quora

As we mentioned, post all of your videos into your social channels as a matter of process. Every new video should go on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and wherever else is possible. This is essential for notifying viewers and also gaining new viewers.

It is also worth going to Reddit and Quora. However, you want to take a slightly different approach here. We would not recommend going on to promote your video in the same style as other social platforms.

Follow Reddit or Quora topics that are relevant to your niche. If you offer beauty advice or videos on crafting then follow these topics. Look to be part of the community and post your content when it is relevant.

On Quora, aim to be informative and not promotional. Perhaps someone is asking how to do something and you have a guide that might help them. Be personal and friendly. Include a link to your video. The more that your content can help the question the better its chance of being discovered.

The benefit of Reddit and Quora is not getting 1 new viewer but getting many. These questions and pages are indexed and many will appear on the first page of Google which means traffic. So the next time someone searches “How do I make an apple pie” and that Quora page comes up, it drives traffic back to your channel allowing you to grow on Youtube.



When growing your YouTube views and subscribers, focus on optimising your content and discoverability on the platform through keywords and thumbnails. Then drive traffic from other social media sites. This should always include your own social channels but working with other creators is a great way to boost your potential audience. If you want to discover how a community of creators can help you grow your channel, join beloudr today.

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