How to Grow Your Blog Through Collaborations in 2021

How to grow your blog through collaborations

A comprehensive guide on how you can grow your blog in 2021 by working with other bloggers and online creators. If you are new to blogging or you are a blogging veteran, collaborations can help you rapidly grow blog traffic and make your blog more discoverable.

Collaborate to grow your blog


As of 2020, there are 500 million blogs, with a blog existing for nearly every topic. For those who are interested in starting or growing your blog this can feel daunting. How can you compete with so many other huge and talented bloggers?

For those who are looking on how to start blogging, growing your existing blog, or even considering how blogging can make you money, here is a new strategy for 2021.

Rather than focusing on the huge number of other blogs in your niche as competition, think about how you can collaborate. The simple fact is that if someone is reading a blog in the niche you are writing for it means they are a potential reader for your blog too. The only way to let them know you exist is by appearing in those spaces. Therefore, your aim should be to let those readers know about your blog. The only way to do this is through collaborating!

Collaborating can be an important tool for:

    • Growing a blog
    • Finding new referral channels for traffic
    • Building up your blog to make money

We will run through five of the top tips on how to collaborate and grow your blog in 2021.


1. Research your community

It is essential to add this in before we go any further, especially if you are new to blogging. Even if you consider yourself a bit of a pro and are thinking about how to take it further and make money from blogging.

First, do your research. We would recommend going onto google and searching for keywords someone in your audience might use. See what comes up and take a look on those blogs.

Here is a checklist to consider when looking around:

    • What do people in your community write about?
    • What style and tone do they write in?
    • How do they visually present their blogs?
    • How long are their blog posts?
    • Are blog posts just text or do they mix it up with pictures, videos, and other content?
    • Where are they showing ads on their blog?
    • Are there examples of other bloggers working together?

There will be a mix of styles and formats used but it is likely you may spot some patterns and useful inspiration. It is a really useful exercise for understanding what works and does not work. Each niche has its own style or best practices, and it is always best to see examples yourself rather than following an A-Z guide.

This isn’t collaboration but it follows a similar philosophy of working and learning from the crowd. It also allows you to build up a list of bloggers in your space which is a great way to prepare for our second tip, reaching out to bloggers that you will want to work with.


2. Reach out to other bloggers

The aim here is to reach out to other bloggers to find way you can collaborate. There are many many ways you can work with other bloggers. We would recommend that you think creatively and don’t just stick to what we have suggested here. Each community will have interesting ways bloggers can work together. Just keep in mind that both sides should get something out of working together, or else it is very likely that you may struggle to get your first collaboration.

While doing the research from step 1, we would recommend jotting down some of the people you find most inspiring or blogs where you would like to be featured. This gives you a great list to start working from.

Here are a few different ways you could suggest to work with other bloggers and in turn grow your blog:

a. Guest post

Guest blogging can be a great way of making readers familiar with your work and name. There are some big sites such as Huffington Post / Forbes that accept guest posts, but also many smaller bloggers accept them too.


Guest posting form


Not everyone will want to feature another person’s words on their blog. If another blogger is open to guest blogging it is likely that they will say so on their site. You can often find this on their about or contact pages.

Another way to create a list of potential guest blogging sources is Google. Try searching google with the following phrase:

  [Your community, e.g fitness] “Guest post” / “Submit your post”

This will usually bring up a good list for you to look through.

When submitting make sure you read the guidelines provided by the blog. If they are looking for specific content in a certain style then it is best to tailor your submission to this. If you aren’t sure then you could always reach out by email first and ask the question.

Some sites may get 100s of guest post submissions a month so don’t be disheartened if you hear nothing back. Just make sure you are sending out thoughtful quality submissions and keep trying.

If you can get yourself a guest post, then find out if they will let you include a link back to your blog. These are called backlinks and they are very important for building the authority of your website and also increasing traffic to your blog. Be aware that some guest posts do not let you include backlinks.

b. Blogging collaborations

Blogging collabs are suitable when you are reaching out to bloggers who might not offer guest posts. The door is open for different types of collaborations, however, just remember to offer something attractive back in return.

A good approach can be to reach out by email (or their contact form) and offer a mutual feature across blogs. For example, link to their blog post and talk about why the post is interesting. This fits well inside a blog post focused on offering ‘top tips’ or a ‘guide to’.

If you are considering reaching out here is an email template to adapt:

I really liked your blog post on XX which I came across on XX. You write really interesting content on XX and I would like to collaborate with you around that topic.

It would be great if you could feature a shoutout to my content (if there is a specific thing you would like them to reference it is best to be upfront). This could be really interesting to your audience as XXX

In exchange, I can include a link and shoutout to your blog post.

Let me know what you think

c. Build relationships

Beyond all this advice ensure you are looking to build relationships. Don’t be overly transactional. If this is your community then it is really worth building positive and strong relationships and this may lead to exciting future opportunities.

This is important advice if you are a beginner to blogging or looking to make money from your blog. People may not feature you if they aren’t familiar with your work; building trust and a real relationship can go a long way for genuine collaborations.


3. Join a creator community

Reaching out to other bloggers is great. However, you will quickly find that it takes a lot of outreach to get your content featured. The reason is that not everyone is looking to collaborate at that moment in time. Instead you want to be able to meet with creators who are actively looking to grow together, this is a great way to grow your blog and build the audience you will need to make money from blogging.

Beloudr is a community for creators and bloggers where you can promote your work for free. Once your work is on beloudr, other bloggers and content creators can shout it out, sharing your work with their audiences.

shoutout example

This also offers an additional benefit beyond traditional blogger collabs as it connects your work with creators who may then share it on their Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Tiktok and Pinterest. This enables you to build relationships with a diverse range of content creators and get your work seen on multiple platforms. All of this ultimately drives more traffic back to you.

By working together like this, creators can share their audience and together reach bigger and wider audiences.

Join today for free and start getting your work discovered across-platforms and by new audiences.


4. Work with non-bloggers

Blogs are one of the richest form of content creation. Unlike platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube you can post whatever you want and style it to your preference. Use this to your advantage when you are looking for ways to grow your blog working with other creators. This means that you don’t need to just collaborate with other bloggers. Any interesting creator that fits your style is a potential partner.

Most content from Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok can be easily embedded and shared in your posts. This is a huge bonus for creators who use these platforms and they will really benefit the additional exposure from a secondary source (its free promotion for them).

We would really recommend being creative with the way you write your blog posts. This is also a great tip for anyone searching for blogging ideas and blogging examples. Blogging should not just mean writing lots of words. Make your content dynamic and exciting. Adding videos from other creators is a great boost especially if you aren’t making videos yourself.

beloudr is a great way to find creators across Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok who will share your work.


5. Build an active community around your blog

It is important to build a community around your site. One way of doing this is through the comments section. We would recommend:

    1. Actively encourage people to leave comments.
    2. Always respond to engaged questions or comments.
    3. Leave authentic and thoughtful comments on other blogs in your niche.

Comment example

If you blog on a platform such as (or other blogging platform) then it is worth commenting on blog posts of other bloggers as they can see who has left the response. If you are lucky they will also check out your blog.

Depending on how big you are you may also want to consider other ways to build a community. We have seen some great examples of Facebook Groups and Discord. Both these provide a way for you to engage with users outside of your blog. Building a community on these platforms helps you:

    • Update your audience when you post new content.
    • Get feedback from your audience.
    • Deepen relationships with your audience.
    • This gives people a new method of reaching out to you with exciting ideas to engage.

Collaborating and engaging with your readers is a really useful approach to writing blogs. Plus, you never know when these relationship could very easily lead to new opportunities. 

Ready to build better together?

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