Hi Its been over week or so since I last posted, which hasnt been the best. I thought of what should I add which can kick start some new but old work that still catches my eye. This is a woodcut printed using the Japanese printing method of rice flower and water colour based pigments. Images taken from our first home in Hamilton Square. It funny how you think of all the things you have bought and collected throughout the years and that have either broken, you have given away or just put in a box and dropped off at the charity shop. From each snapshot of the print I cannot say we have kept anything that we still use or have out on display. The only thing we have kept is the leaf which is from a rubber plant, we where given when we first moved into Hamilton Square by John Bell and his family, after we dropped round after a gallery preview at the Williamson Art Gallery. Today we still have the same living plant that we have looked after for 35 plus years and have shared cuttings with our own daughters. After last week it has made me look back and think how you appreciate and cherish living things and family more than ever, as when they go, you cant bring them back.

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2 days ago

This isn’t the usual art that I follow but I really like it. You mentioned you had a twitter and I found you there and shared one of your tweets but it is a different piece of artwork to here. So I will give you another shoutout too 🙂

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