For some reason drawing Nintendo characters helps me get out of artblock. Reason? Unclear! Have a cute princess on your feed!

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7 days ago

Just amazing!!

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Cyan Exposure
Points: 370
8 days ago

This is so adorable. Artblock sucks! Glad you’re breaking through 🙂

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8 days ago

Awww I love Princess Peach! BTW who is you profile pic of? Looks a bit like Mikasa from Attack on Titan. Gave you a share to support 💖

Points: 700
8 days ago

Ha I appreciate this cute princess on my feed. It’s so interesting drawing Nintendo characters gets you out of artblock. Next time you need to draw one I’d recommend Yoshi 🙂 He is the cutest one haha.
I shared this on my Twitter.

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