June 23, 2021



I’ve been using this colour palette on a range of techniques, and am loving the results I’m getting! This particular piece is available as a downloadable wallpaper on my Ko-Fi, for paid supporters. If you’d be interested in seeing more content like this, head over to Ko-Fi and give me a follow!

☁︎︎ Moonlit Rhythm ☁︎︎

My pretty boy, Calder! I had lots of fun drawing him 🙂 Hope you like him too! Do check out the original art on Instagram <3

Pride Team Rocket

A pride version of Team Rocket to celebrate pride 2021

The dawn of a life together 🧡

This piece was commissioned for the wedding of some friends of mine! It was kind of a struggle and I still have to practice A LOT with lighting effects; however I am pretty happy with it. Hope you enjoy 😊


Just a painting i did after i got done with exams💫

Chinese Fashion

I got inspired by this trend on Tik Tok; just a Chinese Street Fashion game… This is actually a design on my Redbubble Shop! It’s on shirts, mugs, magnets, etc… check it out! 😀 Commissions are open, do not hesitate to contact me!

Self portrait

My new avatar! Because I’m not actually a cat 🐱😂 ⠀ How do you like it? ⠀ I tried to draw myself, it seems even almost similar. I also have a red dress and green iPad and a pencil, because I loooove green 💚 ⠀ But I don’t hold the pencil behind my ear, because