April 19, 2021


my least

concept of an oc

Healthy jaffa cake oats

Healthier jaffa cake inspired oats with nourishing ingredients! Vegan, GF, no added sugar.

Photo study ✨

I love how rich and deep the colours I choose are turning out!

Sailor Moon Re-redraw

This is my entry for the Beloudr Growth contest. Shares are helpful!🙏

6 years of growth

Here is my first attempt at croissants in March 2015 vs 6 years later in March 2021. I think I’ve grown a bit, lol.

Watching sunset 🌅

Can’t wait for summer to watch sunsets again! 🥰🌅 do you enjoy watching sunset?

@kaiselka DTIYS

My entry for a dtiys on Instagram


I like turtles!😂🐢

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