12 Questions with a Muses on Demand Artist LizTerros

We spoke to LizTerros a talented young artist who is sharing her work on social media and the online portfolio Muses on Demand.

“Interact with your followers, make friends with other artists and support them!” shared LizTerros. This is important advice to any creators or artists who are looking to make the most of their social media platforms.

In this interview we spoke with LizTerros, a Muses on Demand artist. She talks about how a new artist can gain exposure, as well as some of the positives and negatives around using social media.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a 19 year old artist, art is a big part of my life. It’s all I do with my time. People commission me and I set personal projects to do when i’m not working.

When did you discover your passion for illustration?

When I moved schools for the first time in 6th grade. I didn’t have many friends so I started doodling in class and I just never stopped.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find things around me, like people and the different emotions that come with the days that pass by.

Where do you showcase your art? Do you use social media to promote your artwork?

It’s always been social media for me. I never really had an opportunity to have my art shown anywhere for people to see other than the internet.

Tell us about which social media platforms you use and what benefit each platform has for you.

I use Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok

The benefits I get from Twitter are the retweets, it helps get reach of my art to others.

For Instagram i’m gonna be real honest, not much. I post all the time on there but they messed with the algorithm. So it is harder for a lot of small artists, you need a lot of interaction to get on the explore page or your followers’ feeds. I stay because it’s the first place I shared my art to the world.

And for tiktok it’s really rewarding, you get so much interaction. I also get to go back and look at the process of an art piece I made.

You also post your work on Muses on Demand (MOD), what attracted you to share your work there?

Mainly the portfolio aspect of it all. I get to have my work in one place, as an added bonus other users can see my work and message other artists or employers.

Muses on Demand artist lizterros

For a new artist who has just started sharing their work and is looking for exposure, what are some of the most important things that they should consider?

It will take time but in that time, interact with your followers, make friends with other artists and support them! Have fun with your work, don’t let big numbers be the soul reason why you keep creating.

What are some positives you have experienced from using social media when it comes to your artwork?

My favourite creators see my stuff sometimes and that gives me a big boost of confidence. I get to make friends from doing art trades or collaborations!

What are the negatives?

This is a personal experience I had before I went under a different name. I grew up to 18K followers on Instagram, years ago. The fast and easy way was through trends and fandoms in the art community, which isn’t a bad thing. But then that’s all people expect from you, and it will quickly fade when you grow out of a fandom or trend. When you want to do original work they don’t give you that much love they did for the trends or fanart. Another is always looking at the statistics of your posts all the time. Social media makes it seem as if you need a big number to succeed. But really the algorithms come into play and it’s different on every platform.

As an artist what would you want from a social platform?

At this point I feel like a broken record. But a good algorithm, at least for your own followers to see your posts on their feed. And a way to see videos and images in the quality they originally are in. Bookmarking posts is also great, we get to have those in folders to stay organized.

Who are your favourite artists?

These are in no particular order I love all of these artists the same

stikbugs on Twitter and Instagram
banidream on Instagram
sersphicgh9st on Instagram and Twitter
gloomygonza on Twitter and Instagram
cactev on Instagram
pwahlala on Twitter and Instagram
Torashee on Twitter  torashee.png on Instagram
slocotion on Instagram
thedaintyheart on Twitter and Instagram

Tell us about an exciting current project and where people can find you.

Right now I’m working on a wooden sculpture, I’ve never worked with wood before and I’m having fun with it! You can find me at LizTerros on any platform. YouTube. Instagram. Twitter. DeviantArt.

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